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Why your LinkedIn Profile is a vital part of Social Selling

LinkedIn is a powerful platform with 440 million business professionals from around the globe connected together. It is growing at a rate of two new members per second and it is the place to be if you want to do business.

A poorly created LinkedIn profile is the equivalent of showing up to a networking event in your pyjamas.

For all of your activities on LinkedIn, whether it’s sharing a funny post or quote, commenting on an article, sending an InMail or publishing your own content, it’s going to lead people back to your LinkedIn profile.

The end game is to win new business. Without it there is no return on investment. A bad profile will render all of your activity pointless.

A great LinkedIn profile will build your reputation, fill your sales funnel and make you easily referable.

With 57% of a buying decision now made online, our job is to interrupt our prospect’s natural buying cycle and establish ourselves as their trusted advisor so that when they are ready to buy they come to us. Ultimately people buy from people they know, like and trust. LinkedIn has the power to accelerate the speed at which trust is developed.

Your LinkedIn profile needs to address four different types of people that fit into two categories; those who are your prospects and those who aren’t your prospects.

Crafted well, your ‘non-prospects’ will become a valuable source of introductions. Equipped with the knowledge of your solution and the problem it solves, they will be able to spot prospects on your behalf and raise awareness of your solution.

You see, your prospect may not realise that they need your solution because they don’t realise they have a problem. Instead they are busy battling the symptoms of the problem unaware of the cause or that there is a solution.

By carefully writing your LinkedIn profile you can move your prospect from having no idea that they have a problem, to knowing they have a problem, right through to being ready to spend money to resolve it – with you.

With a good LinkedIn profile your prospect will now fully trust you as their advisor and come ‘pre-sold’ to your solution. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes to convert a prospect.

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